Personal Academic Tutoring at the University of Worcester

This website and its resources are designed to support academic staff undertaking the Personal Academic Tutor role at the University.

All Personal Academic Tutors at Worcester have three basic roles:

These roles are a minimum expectation and may be expanded in some subject areas to include additional functions such as placement support. University policy explains that the main focus of the Personal Academic Tutor role is to support students in relation to their course and studies as follows:

  • Support all students in becoming a member of the University and making the transition to studying in, and between the different levels of, higher education
  • Help students to understand the requirements of their course in terms of knowledge and understanding, skills development and assessment requirements
  • Support students to take responsibility for their own learning through helping them to reflect on their progress, identify their learning needs and develop appropriate strategies to achieve them
  • Help students to make the most of the learning resources and other forms of learning support available to them
  • Support students in academic, professional and career related planning and development, and the appropriate recording of this
  • Advise and guide students on issues or problems arising whilst they are at the University and, where appropriate, direct them to the broader range of services provided by the University
  • Support students for whom there may be particular challenges when entering higher education.