Placements, work experience & volunteering

Our students develop their employability through placements and work experience projects

Business work placements
Work placements are a period of employment undertaken by students as part of their studies with Worcester Business School. The Business School is constantly seeking to generate new placement opportunities for its students, both in the local area and nationally. They provide support for employers at all stages of the work placement process to ensure that both the employer and the student get the most out of placement experience. 

Your can learn more about business work placements on the Worcester Business School's webpages. To advertise your business work placement to students, please use our myCareer platform.

Win-Win short work projects
We bring students and businesses together for voluntary live projects or offers of work experience from local employers. Students can offer skills and expertise and employers can offer genuine work experience opportunities to help students develop their employability skills. These opportunities are voluntary arrangements between the student and the employer and have not been through any approval process by the university. Advertise your Win-Win work project through myCareer using the Win-Win project posting type.

The University of Worcester Students' Union is keen to work with local community groups and charities to provide volunteering opportunities for students. You can find out more information on the Students Union webpages.