Paid work during COVID-19

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As a student, new graduate, or furloughed member of staff, you may be looking for paid work during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Where can I find a part time job?

Check out part time jobs on myCareer for local part time and full time jobs. If you are a member of staff contact with your UW username to request access to myCareer.

Essential Jobs is a jobs board dedicated to advertising jobs in response to the pandemic.

Health and social care jobs

There is currently a big need for staff working in the health and social staff sectors. Jobs currently being advertised on myCareer include Birmingham Community Healthcare, NHS Professionals, Eclipse Healthcare, and Clarendon Group. If you are interested in working within the health and social care sectors, search for COVID jobs.

Agricultural and fruit picking jobs

For seasonal jobs on farming, food production and supply, please visit:

Retail and distribution

Large supermarket chains, online retailers and food delivery providers have all increased their vacancies, often in the thousands. Many of these vacancies are customer service or delivery driver positions. Check out stores and online delivery companies websites for vacancy information. 

I'm looking for a paid job

A brand new service, Worcestershire Jobs Match, will match those recently made redundant with new work in sectors experiencing a surge in employment demand such as food retail, agriculture, logistics, care and many more. Register now to take advantage of any new jobs coming up in the future.

Have you lost your job or have been furloughed by your current employer?

The government has pledged to pay 80% of staff wages for companies closed during the COVID-19 social distancing phase - check with your employer whether this will apply to you.

You can be furloughed if you are on any type of contract, including a zero-hour contract or a temporary contract but the scheme does not apply if you are self-employed. If you have been furloughed by your employer you can still apply for jobs and undertake paid work for another employer, but you must be prepared to return to work or training at short notice. More information on the government's job retention scheme.

Furloughed University of Worcester staff

You must obtain consent from your manager if you wish to carry out any paid work for anyone else or on your own account while you are employed by the University and on furlough leave.

You may however, and without prior permission, carry out unpaid voluntary work and/or undertake training provided that it does not provide services to, or involve the generation of any revenue for, the University.

Volunteer opportunities

If you are in a position to volunteer then you can make an invaluable contribution to health, education and charities across Worcestershire and the UK.

For those who have free time to offer, we've put together this list of volunteer opportunities and guidance.


If you have any other questions about part time work or your employability during this time visit our COVID-19 careers page.

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