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Got a question about the Worcester Award that you haven't found the answer to?

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Yes, any student registered at the University of Worcester can complete the Worcester Award. You can be from any course, institute, study part or full time, be in any year of study (or on a placement) or study at a partner college. 

No, activities used for your Worcester Award do not have to be directly related to your course/degree. You may study Sports Therapy but work at your local restaurant part time - these hours can be recorded as you are gaining lots of well regarded skills, such as customer service and teamwork. 

No, you can record hours from activities completed anywhere in the UK or internationally - as long as we can verify that you completed the activity. For example, if you work abroad during the summer holidays or live outside the UK and work when you are in your home country, you can use these hours - so long as the hours can be verified. 

No, you can backdate any activity you’ve done since being a registered student at UW. So if you are a final year student, don’t panic - you can use activities from your first and second years!

If you cannot obtain contact details from the member of staff who oversaw your activity or a certificate of completion, then unfortunately you will not be able to use this activity for your Worcester Award. Please send any certificates by submitting a query through myCareer and note this in the contact details fields on the activity form. Please be aware that activities are randomly checked to ensure the verification is legitimate.

Platinum: To be considered for the Platinum Award, you must have submitted your Platinum application by the 29th January 2023. This includes a completed Gold Award.

Gold: In order to achieve your Gold Award in 2021/22, you must have completed your Silver Award by the 17th February 2023. The overall achievement deadline for Gold is the 28th April 2023.

Silver and Bronze: The deadline is the 28th April 2023.

 You can aim for any level of the Worcester Award – you are not obliged to achieve each level.

We ask that you fill in the space on myCareer. We recommend that you use the S-T-A-R technique: Situation (what was the context for your activity?); Task (what did you need to do?); Action (what specifically did you do?); Result (what was the outcome?)

All Careers & Employability workshops can be found on myCareer.

No, you can either complete one level per year or all three levels in one year - it’s up to you! 

Once you have submitted your CV or personal statement as part of your Gold Award and this has been approved me a member of staff, you will be able to book a presentation/interview slot (45 minutes in total) through myCareer

About the interview and presentation 

Your presentation and interview will last for approximately 45 minutes in total  

There will be a panel of 2 or 3 people, including an employer, and university staff member, and a member of Careers & Employability.

You will be asked to deliver your presentation, followed by a few questions, then straight into the interview which will last about 20 minutes 

At the end of your session you will be given verbal feedback, and a recording of the feedback will be sent to you at a later stage. 

Dress smartly but you do not need to wear a suit if you do not have one. Smart trousers, shirt, dress, or skirt are all fine. Preferably no trainers or T shirts (if you have any concerns or concerns about this, don’t worry, but do let us know)  

What we are looking for 

Across both the interview and presentation we will be looking for: 

  • The ability to talk clearly and convincingly about the award 

  • Evidence that you have thought about the Worcester Award and your employability  

  • The ability to promote yourself effectively 

More about the presentation 

The presentation is titled: ‘How will your experiences of doing the Worcester Award and the activities related to it help you stand out from the crowd?’  

The panel will be looking at: 

  • Structure – is the presentation easy to follow and clearly structured 

  • Content – is it relevant with good examples 

  • Personal presentation – are you professional, clear, and persuasive? 

You may use Powerpoint or other forms of presentation or handouts. Please make sure you bring your presentation on a memory stick, and bring a handout in case you have problems with the technology! 

The presentation is for 5 minutes and you will be stopped when you have exceeded your time, so do practice your timing in advance. 


Relax and enjoy the experience! Many students have commented that this was one of the best parts of the Worcester Award. It is your chance to shine a light on your achievements, and the panel is looking forward to hearing about them and to help you make the most of them. 

The Platinum Award is a 3 day leadership course in which you will explore your own potential as a leader as well as a group member. It will run Monday 3rd to Wednesday 5th April 2023. You must attend all three days of the course. It will include a combination of theory and practical activities, including a group project and presentation.

You do not have to have been in a previous position as a leader to benefit from this, it is designed for all who want to explore their own potential leadership qualities.

You will be asked to complete a Strengthscope questionnaire and to attend a 45 minutes feedback session to look at your profile prior to the course.

There are limited number of places, with applications being be assessed on motivation, self-awareness, and capacity to learn from the course. 

The closing date for the Platinum award is Sunday 29th January 2023.

Please contact us and we will be happy to help. If you are a current student or graduate, please submit a query through myCareer. If you are an employer, please email


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