Incident Review Videos

The Principles of Accident Investigation

There are laws and regulations that require the investigation and reporting of certain types of accidents. Insurance requirements also lead to many Accident Investigations as do potential claims at common law. However, from an Occupational Health & Safety point of view, the main aim of Accident Investigations is not to fulfil these legal and insurance obligations, but rather to prevent recurrences of the same or similar accidents.

There is human involvement in virtually every accident and incident, however in many cases it is not the direct primary cause. 

The intention of this program is to examine the human factors involved in accidents, incidents and mistakes in the workplace. 

Topics included in the program: 

  • Direct human involvement
  • Indirect human involvement
  • Violations
  • Errors
  • Mistakes and Slips
  • Dormant Errors

Not all accidents are preventable, but careful forethought and planning, combined with strict adherence to safe work practices will minimise the frequency and severity of accidents and incidents.

If you have been asked to review the circumstances surrounding an incident or near miss, you may find these videos useful.  Please watch and also read the guidance found in SCoP 09 Incident Review