Frequently Asked Questions

Q I overheard colleagues discussing an unsafe working practice, should I report it?

A It depends, it would be better if those witnessing the incident report it however we all have a responsibility to make sure the University is safe.  Better to over report, than under report – so yes.

Q Whilst playing hockey, a student slipped over and twisted their ankle – should I report this?

A NO – if there is nothing wrong with the pitch then it is simply a painful sporting injury

Q I have just witnessed a serious incident and I am concerned that it will go unnoticed what should I do?

A Please report it using the INP so that it can be logged.  A decision will then be made as to what action should be taken.  If in doubt you can always contact Safety Services

Q My office is too cold and I would like someone to look into it, should I report it using the INP?

A NO – the INP is only used to report incidents, illness and near misses, it is not to be used to report general health and safety concerns.  These should be raised with your line manager and then Safety Services

Q Whilst walking around the campus I noticed a contractor working in a way that I thought was unsafe.  I am not a builder and so am probably wrong but don’t really want to cause a fuss…

A The university encourages everyone to report anything that they believe to be a risk to people or buildings.  All you need is common sense and if you think it is unsafe, that is all that matters – please report it

Q I’m a bit concerned that I may have to carry out a review of an incident.  Firstly, I have had no training and secondly, I don’t want to get anyone into trouble.

A Incident review is an important part of the safety management process, it is not about blame.  The purpose is to identify cause and then implement any changes to prevent a repeat. Training is available to anyone who feels it might help them. 

Q A colleague pulled a muscle carrying goods whilst at work and had 2 days off.  They returned, but asked if they could be excused from carrying heavy loads for a couple of weeks because of their minor injury.  They are back at work, have had no hospital treatment and so I’m assuming I don’t need to report this to Safety Services?

A Yes you do.  Because they have been unable to perform their routine work for > 7 days, this is actually reportable to the HSE under RIDDOR and would be classed as an OVER 7 day injury, so please complete the INP.

Q I am a lecturer and I slipped on a wet floor in a class room after it had rained and water had leaked onto the floor.  I injured my back but struggled on for the next 2 days hoping it would improve over the weekend.  For the whole of the following week I have taught, but have not been able to participate in lab work that requires me to carry items around the class room.  I haven’t taken any time off and have been told not to report this.  What should I do?

A This would be classified as an over 7 day injury.  The leaking roof caused you to slip over and so it was a work related incident.  You have been unable to perform your usual duties for over 7 days and this includes weekends and days you are not at work – it doesn’t matter if you were at work or not – it’s all about your ability to perform your normal work.  On that basis, it needs to be reported via the INP.