Risk Assessment


The University considers risk assessment to be the back bone of it's safety management system.  The law requires us to be able to assess risk and this is an important part of many roles with in the University, in particular Technicians.

If you are required to carry out risk assessment as part of your job, you must be competent and therefore, trained.

This practical day long internal training session will provide staff with the knowledge to be able to carry out general risk assessment and will cover the following:

  1. What is a risk assessment and why we have to do it
  2. Important terms and phrases including...hazards and risk; as low as is reasonably practical; so far as is reasonably practicable and tolerable risk
  3. Familiarisation with the University Policy and Safety Code of Practice SCoP 02 RISK ASSESSMENT
  4. Risk assessment methodology - 5 Steps to Risk Assessment
  5. Practical examples and exercises in conducting a risk assessment using the University template RA1
To express your interest, please email Safety Services putting Risk Assessment Training in the subject field.