Safety, Health and Wellbeing Committee

The University Safety, Health and Wellbeing Committee is a forum to discuss a range of issues concernng the safety of everyone who may be affected by the activities of the University.  It facilitates consultation, communication and discussion about how the University manages Safety, Health and Wellbeing.  

The Committee has representatives from Senior Management, Trade Unions, staff and those having a particular interest in health and safety.  It is not a forum to discuss local safety issues but takes a more strategic look at how we are performing.  It is important that we are transparent about discussions and decisions being made and so please look at the Minutes of the meetings to keep informed.

Further information can be found in the Safety, Health and Wellbeing Committee Terms of Reference

If you would like to raise any issues for this Committee you can do it in a number of ways.

  1. Refer it to your line manager.  If they cannot resolve the problem, it can be escalated upwards and then brought to the Committee.
  2. Speak to your Trade Union Representative and if they cannot resolve it locally, it could be raised at the next Committee meeting.
  3. Refer the matter to Safety Services for advice