firstpoint is dedicated to helping students access information and support during their studies.

We are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 5.30pm.

You can find us in the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre on St John’s Campus.

Telephone: 01905 542551

Rest Room

The Rest Room is BB180, in the Bredon Building.

This facility is provided by Student Services for use by all members of the university community for the following:

  • For mothers to breast feed in private if they wish (Please note there are no restrictions on breast feeding in any part of the university campus should a mother choose to do so.)
  • For parents or carers to bottle or solid feed small children or babies for whom the canteen may not be suitable. (High chairs are available in the canteen.) 
  • For mothers to express and store breast milk. 
  • For changing and disposing of soiled nappies. (Please note potties are not provided.)
  • For anyone who needs to rest for up to one hour, for example between lectures, because of a disability or medical condition.
  • For anyone who needs to self medicate or carry out a medical procedure in private.
  • For anyone who needs to perform limited physical exercises in private e.g. whilst recovering from an injury.

Facilities are provided for storing and heating breast milk and solid foods at the user’s risk. Items left in the fridge, e.g. bottles of expressed milk, must be clearly labelled with the owner’s name and date it was left. Milk or food items will be disposed of 5 days after the date marked.

Drugs and medication must not be left unattended in this room, as their security cannot be guaranteed 

Please be considerate of other users by limiting your use to a maximum of one hour at a time and leaving the room in a clean and tidy condition.

Leave the door unlocked when you leave and change the door notice to show the room is empty and available for the next user.

The room is not staffed or supervised. If the room needs attention e.g. for repairs or cleaning, please contact firstpoint Peirson Study and Guidance Centre, telephone 01905 54 2551 or email

Any used bedding can be taken to the laundry room in Ledbury between 7a.m. and noon. 

The room is not provided for study, taking refreshments or as a social or meeting space.

For periods of quiet reflection a prayer room and quiet room are provided in the Multi-faith Chaplaincy opposite.