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Retakes and Reassessments

After your results are confirmed, you may find that you have reassessments.  This may be because of mitigating circumstances or because you have failed an assessment.  If you fail the module after reassessment, you may be required to retake the module again with attendance. 

Reassessment due to mitigating circumstances 

If you have had a mitigating circumstances claim upheld for either performance affected or non-submission (or non-attendance of an exam), you will be given a further assessment attempt, if required. If the mitigating circumstances claim was for your first attempt of an assessment or exam, the reassessment will be marked as first attempt and your grade will not be capped.

For more information, please visit the Registry Services mitigating circumstances webpage.

Reassessment due to a failed assessment 

When module results are published on SOLE, you may see that you have failed an assignment or exam and consequently need to complete reassessment.  You should also receive information from Registry Services with details about how to complete reassessment. You may be asked to contact a Programme Adviser; they can advise you on managing your situation if you have several reassessments to complete at the same time.

For more information, please visit the Registry Services Reassessment FAQs webpage.

What will I have to submit for my reassessment?

Reassessment at Level 4 will usually involve re-working the original assessment piece together with a short reflective statement on how you have engaged with the feedback provided on the first attempt (this may not apply to exams). 

Reassessment at other levels of study will normally involve the completion of new tasks.  If you have specific concerns or questions regarding this, we advise that you speak with your module tutor and check the Reassessment/Retake Letter on the Assessment section of your SOLE page. 

What is a retake?

If you have failed assessments which have prevented you from passing the module, you will be required to retake the module with full attendance, and your grades will be capped at the minimum pass grade. Depending on your course, you may be able to take a substitute module but the grades will still be capped at the minimum pass grade.  You will be notified by email and on your Sole page and this will also give information of the impact of any retakes on your progression. 

Where can I get help/more information?

We would recommend that you contact a Programme Adviser who will be able to assist you in reviewing your options. 

The Programme Adviser can also make sure that your retake module/s are added to your record in the following academic year, but 
please note that you are responsible for ensuring that any retake modules are added to your programme of study.

Can I continue with my course if I have a retake?

In some cases, you might be able to progress to the next academic year with your retake replacing a module you would have otherwise been studying. In other circumstances, you may need to re-take an academic year to ensure you have passed enough credits before progressing. If you are in your final year, you will need to go into an additional year of study to complete any retakes before you get your final award.  For more information see the Registry Services FAQs.

How will this affect my funding?

Please note that where a retake of the module is required, the module will be charged at the full rate.  You can find more details on the University's course fees page.

If your studies are extended to accommodate retakes, we would recommend that you 
speak to a Money Adviser who can advise on the financial implications of extending your study period.