Box of Broadcasts

What is Box of Broadcasts (BoB)?

The University has subscribed to Box of Broadcasts (Bob) as a resource to schedule and record Freeview channels and search and link to any Freeview material from 2001 onwards.

How can I access BoB?

You can get to BoB via the following methods and then selecting University or Worcester and entering your University Login credentials:

• Via the staff portal under “General Information”
• Directly at:
• Library Search page, listed under the databases tab

What can BoB do?

• Subscribers can record up to 10 programmes a day.
• The service is streaming only; you cannot download content.
• Subscribers can make clips of any material.
• Most programmes have a searchable transcript.
• Programmes are as broadcast so contain adverts etc.
• The service only works in the UK.
• The service does not cover local news. The default is London area.

Help Material

BoB Video Tutorials
FAQ page

Any other queries should be forwarded to