Booking Equipment

Book a laptop

Due to the current lockdown restrictions some staff are unable to return their devices they have on loan. We have therefore prevented all self-bookings of long-term laptops. If you require a device, please contact the IT Service for current availability. Contact information can be found on the IT Homepage.

Staff can book laptops from the IT service for short periods of time. Please be aware that demand is very high for this service at present, so laptops may not always be available.

Book a recording studio

We have 9 rooms available that you can where you can record or broadcast lectures, or get to know Panopto or Collaborate. Rooms are currently available on a first come first served basis.

The following rooms are available at City campus:

  • CHG012
  • JLG013
  • JLG017

The following rooms are available at St Johns campus:

  • BB021
  • BB050
  • EE1060
  • EE1062
  • EEG168
  • TT006
  • WB137       


Book a USB Mic

We have a number of USB microphones that are available to book for staff. Please contact us to loan a USB Mic.