Boosting Your Income

Boosting Your Income


It is important to note that the financial support that you receive from Student Finance England will not always be enough to pay for your accommodation and living expenses, especially if you use the accommodation at the top of the price range.

Ways to Boost your Finances

Part-time Work

If you take a part-time job whilst at university, at least in your first and second year, it can help your student finance go further. However, do try to get the balance between work and study right, it does not make sense to be working so many hours a week that your studies suffer.

Part-time jobs are available for students both in the University and the Students’ Union so keep an eye on their websites:

For example you could become an ambassador for the University;

For part time vacancies both on and off campus please go to:

For local opportunities for students with sports coaching qualifications go to:

The Careers and Employability Service produce a guide to finding part time work which is available to download at:  and hard copies are available in firstpoint.

You can book an appointment with a Careers Adviser at to get advice on your CVs and applications.    

Additional Funds for Students

You may be eligible to apply for a SCHOLARSHIP for extra funds. 

There are also 1000s of EDUCATIONAL TRUST FUNDS that help students with extra funding.


Also see BUDGETING TIPS page for advice on avoiding financial short-falls.

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