Nursing and Midwifery Students

Nursing and Midwifery Students



Students taking degree courses in nursing or midwifery that started on or after September 2017 can apply to Student Finance England for Tuition Fee Loans, Maintenance Loans and Grants for Dependants. See information about Long Course Loans on "Full-time Undergraduate Financial Support" page on this website. Previous study at Higher Education level will not be a barrier to funding for these students.


Learning Support Funds

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) Student Services administer a Learning Support Fund to eligible healthcare students that started their course on or after 1st August 2017. It consists of the three different award allowances shown below.

Exceptional Support Fund

Eligible healthcare students in hardship that can demonstrate a shortfall between income and expenditure after exhausting all other available avenues of funding can apply for non-refundable help from this fund of up to £3,000 per academic year. Applicants must first have applied to the University’s Hardship Fund (the Access to Learning Fund) for help.

Child Dependence Allowance

Eligible students that have parental responsibility for a dependent child may receive £1,000 non-refundable grant for each academic year of their course. This allowance is not based on income.

Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses

Help with additional costs of attending a practice placement as part of their course is reimbursed to students during the academic year.

More information about Learning Support Funds and how to apply for them can be found on the NHSBSA webpage


Additional Support

  • Eligible nursing and midwifery students may also apply to the University’s Access to Learning Fund for financial support after they have started the course.
  • There are also a number of educational trust funds that help healthcare students in financial difficulty. Find examples on our Trust Fund webpage.

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Nursing Students on Secondment

Nursing students on secondment from their employer will have their Tuition Fees paid by the NHS and should apply to NHS Bursaries to have the payment made to the University by contacting:

The NHS Student Bursaries
Hesketh House
200-220 Broadway

Tel: 0300 3301 345

Seconded NHS students (but not apprentices) can apply to Student Finance England (SFE) for student Maintenance Loans and Grants and will be asked by SFE to supply a letter from their employer confirming seconded status. Unlike most financial assessments for student finance, SFE will include the student’s earnings in their calculations.


Nursing Students whose course started on or before 31 July 2017

Students taking degree courses in nursing or midwifery, and whose course started on or before 31 July 2017 can still apply for an NHS BURSARY.