Self Funding Students

Self Funding Students


Tuition Fee Payment Options

If you are not eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan or choose to finance your studies privately then there are several payment options available to you:

  • You can pay your full tuition fees online at registration or on receipt of an invoice. Alternatively, you can choose to pay in 6 instalments in line with the University’s instalment plan. This option is only available by direct debit which is drawn from a UK bank account, or by a recurring credit/debit card payment.
  • Part-time students who do not have a Tuition Fee Loan in place will be required to settle their tuition fees within 30 days from date of invoice.
  • Please note that the above options are available to UK or EU students only. International students are required to pay 50% of their fees before enrolment in accordance with UK Border Agency regulations. The remaining 50% is then due before the start of your second semester.

Tuition Fee Payment by Instalments

The tuition fee instalment plan is summarised in the table below: 

Course start month 1st
 September  1st October  1st November  1st December  1st January  1st February  1st March     
 January  1st February  1st March  1st April  1st May  1st June  1st July

Students who are in receipt of a Postgraduate Loan can pay in 3 instalments in line with their loan payment dates (these are dependent on course start dates). 

If you have any queries concerning your payments to the University you can contact the University’s Finance Office by emailing


University Debt Management Policy

The University applies a consistent and managed approach to the collection of outstanding and overdue debt.  A copy of the policy is available to view by clicking on the link to the left of this page.

This policy is reviewed and updated annually by the Director of Finance and is managed by the Credit Control Team.


If you are having difficulties making payments you may find it helpful to visit the Money Advisers for advice.