Attendance Requirements

Attendance Requirements

Do I have to attend every lecture?

You must attend all sessions in your modules that are designated as compulsory.

I missed a compulsory session, what should I do?

If you miss a compulsory session, because of illness or another unforeseen reason, you must notify the module tutor within six days after the session to explain your absence. Some modules require you to do this by email.

How do I know if a module has mandatory sessions?

Your course handbook/module outline will identify those sessions that are compulsory.

Do I need to provide proof why I was absent?

You will only be asked for proof of your claims if you have already taken unauthorised absences.

What happens if I miss a compulsory session and don't notify the module tutor?

If you fail to attend the compulsory session(s) and have not notified the module tutor within six days then you will render null and void all assessment grades in each of the assessment items. A grade of NA will be recorded. You will have failed the module and be required to retake the module or substitute it in a future semester.