What is regarded as cheating?

Cheating means:


1. Taking unauthorised materials into an examination

2. Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage in an assessment

3. Assisting another student to do either of the above


Cheating in exams can include:


1. Attempting to get sight of the examination paper before it is published

2. Taking unauthorised material into an examination room

3. Copying or trying to copy the work of another student

4. Asking another student for help during an examination

5. Letting another student copy

6. Impersonation


Cheating in coursework, dissertations or theses can include:


1. Plagiarism - the presentation of the work of another as if it was one's own independent work

2. Collusion - improper collaboration in the production of a piece of work

3. Falsification of data - inventing or changing information to prove a point

4. Deceit - failure to disclose if work submitted for assessment has been or will be used for other academic purposes

What is Learner Incompetence?

Learner incompetence is a term used to describe instances where a student, without cheating, has produced work which is either unduly derivative or which fails to recognise sources. This includes:

1. Unreflective regurgitation of the thoughts or approaches of another author - an inability to free oneself from a received view

2. Technical incompetence in referencing


Learner incompetence is not normally expected to occur after the student has completed the equivalent of the first year of a full time undergraduate course (whether at University of Worcester or another institution). Too many instances of Learner Incompetence may cause you to be referred to the Cheating Committee.

What is the Cheating Committee?

The Cheating Committee will hear cases of alleged cheating and will decide whether cheating has occurred and, if so, what penalty should be imposed. They will report this information to the Exam Board and the information will be recorded on your student file. If you are found guilty of cheating, then any future reference written for an employer will normally refer to this fact.

For membership of the Cheating Committee, please refer to the Formal Procedures.