Independent Study Resource

Independent Study Resource

Your independent study/final year project is an important piece of work and is typically worth 25% of the modules taken in your final year, so it can influence the class of degree that you achieve. When you first start to think about your project it may seem an overwhelming task, however, good planning will make the process much easier for you.

The resources on this web page are designed to provide you with practical advice and tips on how to successfully research and write your final year project/dissertation. However, please remember that each course will have individual guidelines regarding specific issues about your project, such as its scope or the content and layout of the final written report. If you have any queries about your project, please contact your supervisor or course contact.


 Online resources

Very useful guidance from the University of Leicester on planning your dissertation and choosing a topic etc.    

Excellent website on how to plan and write your dissertation from the Royal Literary Fund.

                 Further reading – all titles are available from the Hive:

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