Learning and Teaching Strategy 2020-2025


Educational excellence and high-quality learning opportunities are fundamental to the University’s overall mission. We believe that higher education should have a transformative impact on individuals and on society as a whole, and our Strategy is at the heart of this belief. 

The Learning and Teaching Strategy 2020-2025 has three main purposes: 

• To articulate our vision and key development priorities for learning and teaching over the next five years

• To provide guidance on how we will achieve our vision and development priorities

• To define the attributes our graduates will acquire through studying at the University

The Strategy reflects our core values of intellectual openness, democracy and love of learning together with the promotion of educational and social inclusion, sustainability and social responsibility. It is aligned with our Strategic Plan, 2019, and aims to build on our established strengths in providing an inclusive and high-quality higher education. We strive to create a learning community which encourages students to love their subject, and become good citizens, both within the University and in the wider world. For this reason, we have articulated the attributes that we aim to develop in all our graduates. Our curricula are designed with the development of these attributes in mind, so that we can support every student to fulfil their own academic and personal potential and enable them to use the skills that they develop to contribute to transforming society for the better. A key feature of a University of Worcester education is the interweaving of expert knowledge and practical applied learning based on a golden triangle of well-motivated students, inspirational educators and expert professional mentors. The University’s reputation for excellence and quality in education, our capacity for continuous enhancement and innovation, means we are committed to inspiring our students for life, through creating possibilities, developing potential and building partnerships.

The Strategy for Recognition of Teaching Excellence underpins the Learning and Teaching Strategy 2020-2025 and offers a reference point to ensure Schools have a comprehensive overview of the development of staff and their achievement through a consistent approach to recording, monitoring and supporting teaching excellence. 

The Strategy for Recognition of Teaching Excellence (PDF version; UW credentials and login required)

The Strategy for Recognition of Teaching Excellence (Word version; UW credentials and login required)