About us

The Careers & Employability Service work with employers and colleagues, to support current University of Worcester students and graduates with the planning and management of their careers and development of their employability skills.

We do this by providing careers information, advice and guidance on numerous platforms including telephone support, email guidance, face to face appointments, workshops and online information. Working both within and outside the curriculum to develop and support employability skills, and promoting part time and full time jobs suitable for both current students and recent graduates.

Careers Service Aims

We aim to enable our students to recognise and develop their attributes and experiences, to better plan and manage their future career and be able to promote themselves professionally and positively to the job market.

In order to be able to do this students will be able to:

  • Access information to identify opportunities for future employment and study
  • Recognise their skills, attributes and experiences in relation to future opportunities
  • Promote themselves effectively to future employers

We will do this by working directly with students and colleagues across the university to support students in developing high level employability skills.

Code of practice for the promotion of jobs & opportunities - information for students

Careers & Employability Staff

Dawn Rice Careers Adviser
Julie Porter Careers Adviser
Katherine Bruce Data & Systems Coordinator

The Careers & Employability Service is not part of any combined careers service.

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