University of Worcester Learning and Teaching Conference 2022


8th and 9th June 2022

The theme for the University of Worcester Learning and Teaching 2022 conference is:   

Shaping the Future of Learning and Teaching

We are still emerging from the experiences of the pandemic and its impact on learning, teaching, assessment and the broader student experience. As we move back towards a campus-based experience, what have we learnt over this intense period that we can and should take forward into our learning teaching practice in the future? How do we take on-board the range of student feedback about being part of a community and creating a sense of belonging? 

We will explore this theme through inviting papers and case studies particularly related to the following strands: 

  • Digital is not just online – how can we bring those online experiences into the classroom and blended learning 
  • Fostering a sense of belonging in and beyond the curriculum 
  • Innovating for the future – Reflections on learning, teaching and assessment practice throughout the pandemic and taking practice forward 

This year we are splitting the conference between a half-day online (8th June pm) and a day on-campus (9th June On-campus). 

We invite proposals showcasing practice or offering a critical insight into aspects of these themes from practitioners and students at the University of Worcester, partner colleges and the wider academic community. Abstracts will be shortlisted in early May. 

Abstract proposals should be submitted using the linked form. Abstracts for Oral and Poster or Workshop presentations should be no more than 250 words.   

You are invited to submit an abstract to be presented in one of the following formats: 

  • Oral presentation – Oral presentations (15 minutes) should aim to give a brief summary of a piece of research or a project, either completed or still in progress. Each presentation should last for 12 minutes, giving time for questions/discussion (3 minutes). Several oral presentations, with a central theme, may be grouped into sessions and facilitated by a Chair to maximise engagement and ensure good time keeping. 
  • Poster – This year we are inviting submissions of posters or short video submissions which highlight an element of excellent practice or summarise recent research or project outputs.  
  • Workshops – If you are interested in hosting a 1 hour workshop please outline the fit to the theme, what colleagues would get from participation in the workshop and any specific room or equipment requirements.  

Please also indicate if you wish to be considered for the face to face or online part of the conference.  

Proposals will be reviewed and applicants contacted during the week beginning 9th May. 

You will also need to register to attend the event in order to contribute to the conference; further information will be sent out in due course. 

Criteria for acceptance 

In order to be selected for the conference, your proposed contribution will need to: 

  • Have clear relevance to the overall conference title and agenda 
  • Be written with clarity so that the content is easily understood by the review panel and by conference delegates 
  • Be of interest to conference delegates by describing practice or research from which others might learn 
  • Ensure accuracy of citations, where these are used. 

The closing date for submissions to the conference is 29th April 2022. Submissions received after this date will not be accepted. 

For further information, please contact