Funding for support

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) 

Disabled Students’ Allowance, more commonly referred to as DSA, is a grant that is administered by your local student finance body, e.g. Student Finance England, that is used to pay for additional types of academic and supplementary support. 

Any support that is funded by DSA doesn’t need to be paid back, and the level of support received is determined by the student’s level of need, and not their financial situation.  

Information about DSA for English Students can be found   

For students from Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland then the process is the same as in the link above, but you apply through your local nation's student finance body.


Please note: Courses which are funded by the NHS (including some Social Work courses) also have DSA that is funded by the NHS and require an application through the relevant NHS portal and not Student Finance.  

You should be applying for DSA as soon as you get a diagnosis that is eligible for support, or as soon as Student Finance opens for applications if you are a prospective student with an existing diagnosis. 

It is not unusual for a DSA application to take 10-14 weeks from when you apply to your support package being agreed. Applications should be made at the earliest possible time. 


Click the sections below for information about other funding options 

If you are on a full-time, undergraduate course e.g. a foundation degree or bachelor's degree, then you can apply for DSA via your online student finance account.

This video will help to explain the process HOW TO APPLY FOR DSA 

If you are studying a full-time undergraduate course, but do not have an online account with Student Finance England, then you will need to apply by completing this DSA SLIM FORM 23/24.


If you need to provide medical evidence to support your DSA application, and you don't already have a suitable document, then you can ask your GP to complete THIS MEDICAL EVIDENCE FORM.


If you are studying part-time on an undergraduate course, or you are on a post-graduate course, then you will need to complete one of these forms to apply for DSA, as you are unable to apply via your online student finance account. (NB These are for students applying for DSA from Student Finance England. If you are from Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, or are on a course that is fully funded by the NHS, please email us at and we will provide appropriate forms or advice)

DSA1 FULL FORM 23/24 for part-time undergraduate and all post-graduate courses.



The Snowdon Trust 

The purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to access education or training and enjoy a level of independence that would not otherwise be possible 

Use:                Human help, equipment, adapted or additional accommodation, travel costs 

Amount:         £250 - £2500 

Deadline:       31 May and 31 August 

Eligibility:       Students with physical or sensory disabilities 

Further information about The Snowdon Trust can be found here

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Phone: 01905 855531

Book an appointment with a disability adviser. 

We offer online appointments using Microsoft Teams or in person at firstpoint, Peirson Centre, St Johns Campus.

Appointments last a maximum of 45 minutes.