Work Related Travel Policy

Work Related Travel Policy


This policy applies to all work-related travel and off-site visits carried out by staff and students of the University and provides guidance on when staff and students will be reimbursed for costs incurred on University activity.


The overarching aim of the policy is to consider the health and safety and insurance implications of work-related travel, whether such travel is domestic or overseas, and to ensure that the University is able to manage associated risks to an acceptable level.


This Policy applies to all staff and students at all levels within the organisation. Categories of travel include (not exclusively): recruitment visits, attendance at conferences, business meetings, research in overseas countries and teaching overseas and relate to all forms of transport, accommodation and subsistence (with the exception of local hotel bookings for Worcester and Premier Inn bookings, where separate contracts exist).

The policy can be found here:  University polices and procedures (Select 'Work-related Travel Policy' listed on the page)