About Us

About Us

The How's it Going webpage is produced by firstpoint

Located in the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre on St John's campus, firstpoint is the first point of contact for all your student enquiries.

The aim of the How's it Going is to provide you with an on-line, 24 hour information service that is accessible to all University of Worcester students, including those studying at our Partner Institutions. 

There may be times when you may need advice or information, but not know exactly what to ask or look for. For ease of navigation and to help you to find the right place, the webpages have 3 headings:

How's it going with your learning? This has information about starting your studies, improving your grades, and making the most of university.

How's it going with your course? This has information about changing your course, choosing a module, guidance on what to do if you have failed an assessment, or are thinking of leaving.  

How's it going with your life? Find out where, and how to access support with homesickness/settling into university life, money, disability, accommodation, ICT, library services, emotional or personal issues, careers and employability, making a complaint, and most other common student concerns.