Staff Information

Staff Information

The How's it Going website aims to assist students’ transition and progression through university by providing relevant information and resources. The website is split into 3 main strands:                                                   

1. HIG - with your learning?

  • For new students, there is a section called ‘starting your studies’, with information on getting started at university, writing a first essay and study skills support
  • For continuing students, there is a section on ‘improving your grades’ with information on support, academic workshops and top tips for improving grades
  • ‘Making the most of university’ looks at the additional opportunities and activities that students can participate in whilst studying at university

2. HIG - with your course?

Information for students who are:

  • Thinking about changing course
  • Choosing modules
  • Thinking about leaving university
  • Having to re-submit an assessment

3. HIG - with your life?

This strand offers information about the support available to students including: financial support, settling into university life, disability services, library & I.T support and much more