Changing your course

Changing your course

“I feel that I’m on the wrong course; is it possible for me to change?”            

This is a common question asked by a number of students each year. The answer is usually yes, however, there are a few things that you will need to consider.

Firstly, spend some time thinking about your reasons for wanting to change courses. Make a list of the reasons why you originally selected the course, the things that you like about it and the things that you don’t like. These might include modules, tutors, timetable, peers etc.

Then, if you have already identified a course that you would like to transfer to, write down the reasons for wanting to do so.

Compare both lists and check that the course that you are hoping to transfer to won’t create the same issues as the course that you are hoping to transfer from e.g. If modules are one of the reasons for transferring, you may want to re-consider your choice of new course if it shares a number of modules with your original course.

Once you have established the reasons why you would like to change courses, speak to someone. Your Academic Tutor is a good place to start. In addition you may also want to speak to a Careers Advisor who can help with the career implications of a course change, email or telephone 01905 855166.

If you have identified a course that you would like to change to, contact the admissions tutor for that course. Details of who they are can be found on the webpage for that course. They will be able to advise you as to whether there are any places available and they will also be able to check whether you fulfil the admissions criteria. Alternatively an advisor from Firstpoint in the Peirson Centre will be able to help you.

If there are places available and you are able to transfer, you need to consider the best time for doing so. If you are in the first few days or weeks of a course, the best option would probably be to transfer as quickly as possible. However, if you are nearing towards the end of a semester or year, it might be worth completing the semester or year and then transferring. This would mean that you would either start your new course at the beginning of semester two in January or in semester one in September.

If you have completed some modules you may be able to transfer credit from them to your new course. Programme Advisors can advise on course credits. They can be contatced via Firstpoint in the Peirson Centre.

If you are a nursing student and want to change your pathway, this may be possible, however there are time restrictions. Contact Jo Rouse, and speak to your personal tutor.

Changing your course may have some financial implications particularly if you have already received financial support for a semester or a year. For advice and information contact the Money Advisors in Student Services. Email: email: or telephone 01905 542551 or make an appointment via Firstpoint in the Peirson Centre.

If you are an International Student and wish to change courses you must contact the International Centre. Email:, telephone 01905 855146 or book an appointment through the Firstpoint Team in the Peirson Centre. 

Student transfer policy

For more information on this see our student transfer policy (PDF).