Thinking about leaving

Thinking about leaving

Each year a number of students consider leaving their course or university. Whilst the majority stay and graduate; some do leave. If you are thinking of leaving, make sure that you are aware of all the different options and support available to you. This information will help you to decide whether to stay or to go; and ensure that if you do leave, that your experience is a positive one.

Why leave?

Students leave for a variety of reasons. These are often:                               

  • Financial
  • Personal (relationships/family)
  • Academic
  • Wrong course/university

Before leaving it is important to establish the reason/s why you want to leave. Whilst leaving might be the right thing for you to do, there may also be alternatives that you may not have considered or services and facilities that can help you to stay. Before you decide what to do, contact the services or people who can be of assistance and carefully consider all of your options.  

Money issues

One of the most common reasons for leaving university is money issues. If you are experiencing problems financing your studies speak to the Money Advisors. Additional support may be available through the non-repayable Access to Learning Fund as well as through charitable trusts. You may also be entitled to a bursary or welfare benefits.

Case Study:  Scott;  Sports Coaching Science BSc

Personal Difficulties

The Students’ Union has a Vice President for Education and Welfare who is able to offer advice and guidance to students experiencing personal difficulties. Student Services also offers a range of support, including a confidential Counselling and Mental Health Service, Student Support and Wellbeing Team, Fiona Howarth, the University Chaplain, the Disability and Dyslexia Service and for parents, Unitots, an on-campus nursery for children aged three months to five years.

Taking time out, changing mode of study from full to part time or reducing modules are all options to assist you in dealing with personal or other difficulties. Advisors from Firstpoint in the Peirson Centre will be able to assist you in obtaining information on the various options and can book appointments with Programme Advisors. You can vist Firstpoint in person or email

Case Study:  Pete;  Sports Studies BSc

Case Study: Belle; Computing BSc

The University offers a range of support for students who are experiencing academic difficulties. These include:           

  • Study skills Advice sheets
  • On-line Learning Materials
  • Writer in residence 

Details of these can be obtained from the Peirson Centre, your SOLE page and from the study skills webpage
Module and Academic Tutors can also offer academic guidance. Most tutors have office hours where they can meet with students to discuss academic issues. You can also contact them via email.

Changing course/university

If you think that you have chosen the wrong course, speak to your Academic Tutor. You may be able to transfer to another course or alternatively, change modules or your course pathway. A Programme Advisor can help you with this. You can book an appointment via Firstpoint in the Peirson Centre. If you decide to change university or apply for a job or vocational training, contact the Careers Service via email or through Firstpoint. They can help you to:

  • Identify and profile your skills and experience
  • Explore career opportunities
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Research other universities.

Case Study: Naoko; Changed from Health and Well-Being BSc to Social Welfare BA

Case Study: Will; Drama and Performance BA

How to Leave
If you do decide to leave you must inform the following people:

  • Registry Services to complete an exit survey. Firstpoint advisors in the Peirson Centre will arrange this for you. 
  • Your Personal/Academic Tutor
  • Your Local Education Authority
  • Funding Bodies e.g. the Student Loans Company/Student Finance England, NHS, if you receive an NHS bursary or your employer if they are paying your fees.
  • Your Bank – you will no longer be eligible for a student account or discounts.
  • The International team: contact via Firstpoint in the Peirson Centre. If you are an international student in the UK your right to remain in the country may be affected.
  • Accommodation, if living in university accommodation. Contact via Firstpoint in the Peirson Centre. 

Useful Contacts

Firstpoint: your first point of contact for any university service. Located in the Peirson Centre. Either email or drop-in and speak to an advisor. Opening hours are 8.30-17.00 Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays). 
Registry Services (Assistant Registrar) Tel: 01905 855333
Programme Advisory Service. Tel: 01905 542039/855502
Counselling Service. Tel: 01905 855417/855105 or email  
Money Advice. Tel: 01905 542551 or email:
Student Support and Wellbeing Team. Tel: 01905 542161
Careers Service. Tel: 01905 855166
Students’ Union, Vice-President Education Tel: 01905 543210 Email: