We are committed to supporting students experiencing emotional or psychological problems, so that they can gain maximum benefit from their university experience and develop their potential to the full.

You will find us in the Health Centre in the Woodbury building, on St John’s Campus.       

Telephone: 01905 54 2832
Email: cmh@worc.ac.uk

Our Counselling and Mental Health Team provides a free service for all students who need specialist support whilst they are studying at the University of Worcester

Our team members are all professionally trained and accredited, and work in safe, confidential offices. We take our promise of confidentiality very seriously and it is only in exceptional circumstances that anything you say will be disclosed without your permission to others.

To arrange an initial STAR (Support, Triage, Advise, Referral) appointment with a member of the Counselling and Mental Health Team contact firstpoint.  

In order to provide you with support that meets your individual needs, we ask you to book a STAR Appointment, so that you can tell us a bit about what the current issue is, what you'd like to be different and to come up with a plan together. These 30 minute STAR appointments are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 4:30pm and are usually within 1-2 days of you contacting firstpoint.  STAR appointments are via telephone or Microsoft Teams.

To book a STAR Appointment contact firstpoint:

  • Email firstpoint (firstpoint@worc.ac.uk)
  • Telephone firstpoint: 01905 54 2551
  • Visit firstpoint in the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre, St John's Campus

 See Appointments for more information.

Additional Resources for lockdown 

Click here to try this free online 8 week mindfulness course.

Student Minds has produced a really helpful resource for wellbeing in lockdown called Student Space.

Bangor University have created mindfulness audio tracks of varying type and length. They can be found by clicking here.

NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire Healthy Minds have collated some resources on theirNow We're Talking  site (scroll to the bottom of the page where is says Coronavirus and Mental Wellbeing).