DSA Specialist Mentoring

The scheme called Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs), is funded by Student Finance.  DSA’s are grants to pay for non-medical help such as One to One Study Skills Support for SPLD or Autism, and Specialist Mentoring for Mental Health Conditions or Autism, so that students are not disadvantaged in their education.

Specialist mentors provide highly specialist, specifically tailored, one to one support which helps students address the barriers to participating in their education created by a particular impairment. This support is primary provided for students with long term (12 months or more) mental-health conditions or autism spectrum disorders.

These are the links for Student Finance England, (if you’re funded by another body, an online search will find the right information):

Once you have sent a DSA application to Student Finance (along with evidence of your long term Mental Health Condition), they will advise you to arrange an appointment with a Needs Assessor.  The Needs Assessor with make a recommendation to Student Finance as to how frequently you may need to see a Specialist Mentor (weekly etc.), and send a Needs Assessment report to Student Finance, who will then write to the student to let them know what they are funding, and which organisation the student needs to contact to set up that support.


The Disability & Dyslexia Service can answer any questions you may have about the process, and provide assistance if needed.