Bike Storage and Loan

The University has a sustainable travel policy and Woo Bike Share offers a great deal to students who want to cycle.

For more information on how the scheme works, the benefits of cycling, e-bikes and pedal bikes, please visit the Woo Bike Share webpage.

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Keeping your bike safe

  • Look out for the University's 'Bike Marking' events where you can get your bike labelled securely for free.
  • If you would like to use the secure bicycle storage you will need to go to Security (located behind St John’s reception) with your student access card. A member of the Security Team will be able to update your access card to enable to you use the facility.
  • Lock up all bikes securely using recommended 'D' locks to fixed bike sheds or designated areas. 
  • There are locations throughout the University where you can store your bicycle and the vast majority are Sheffield type hoops.  There are also secure bicycle storage locations located across the campuses. 
  • Important information: if you are living in halls of residence, your bicycle is not covered by the University contents insurance policy.  You will need to make your own arrangements to have suitable insurance cover.
  • The picture below explains how to lock a bike securely using the rear triangle: