Documents and Procedures

The links below are designed to help you find answers and guidance for enquiries related to documents you may need to access and the University's policies and procedures. You can also use our A-Z for further topics.  

Please remember, if you're not sure what you're looking for or don't know where to start, come and ask us: we're here to help. You can visit firstpoint, email or telephone us on 01905 542551.

How the university monitors, addresses and supports attendance

Academic Appeals
Guidance and support for making an appeal 


Bank Letter
An official letter from the University to assist with opening a student bank account 

How to request certificates to be collected or delivered 

Guidance and support for making a complaint


Confirmation of Student Status
If you need to prove you are a student or require confirmation on an official document

Council Tax Exemption
If you are a full-time student, you are exempt from paying Council Tax 

Disclosure and Baring Service Check 


Extension Requests
Requesting additional time for Independent Studies, Research Projects and Dissertations

Guide for Parents
Frequently asked questions and answers for parents of students  

ID Cards
How to collect them, why you need them and how to order a replacement 

Mitigating Circumstances
If something is preventing you from submitting your work in the normal way

Partner Students
Finding support related to your wellbeing while you are studying at the University of Worcester 

How to update your address, contact details and make a name change

A list of University of Worcester policies 


If you need a reference for work or study 


Certificates, transcripts and training records and official course details

Student Handbook
Advice and guidance for students at University of Worcester

Student Status Letter
If you need to prove you are a student or require confirmation on an official document

Students' Union Guide
The SU's Union Guide to University Academic Procedures and the support they can provide

Taught Courses Regulatory Framework
Regulations for taught awards offered by the University of Worcester

Official documentation confirming your programme of study and grades to date

Transgender Students
Signposting information and support


Understanding Assessments
Guidance created by the University of Worcester
on understanding assessments and feedback