Changes to your course

You might decide to make a change to your course to better reflect your aims or interests. 

There are deadline dates that apply when making a change and you should check the Registry webpages for the most up to date information.

Module change 
If you would like to change a module, the “Module Change Request” is available on your SOLE page under the ‘Course Information’ tab. You can also speak with a Programme Adviser to discuss the change you want to make. 

Please be aware that it can take up to 5 working days for your timetable to update after the change has been approved.  

Course change 
If you are thinking of changing your course and know what you would like to change to, please contact the admissions tutor. Details of who they are can be found on the webpage for that course
You can submit a "Course Transfer Request" using the online form, which can be found under the 'Course' tab on your SOLE page. However, we would always recommend that you speak with a Programme Adviser to discuss making the change, how to proceed and when this change could happen. 

Mode of study change 
If you would like to change your mode of study (part time or full time) please complete a “Change Mode of Study” form. This can be found under the ‘Course Information’ tab on the SOLE page.   

You will also need to speak with a Programme Adviser. 

Making changes to your course or your mode of study can have an impact on the funding options available to you. We would recommend speaking to a specialist money adviser from the Money Advice Service, to review your particular circumstances before making any changes.