Confirmation of Attendance

Your attendance will need to be confirmed to access any government funding or NHS funding.

Student Finance
Once Student Finance has approved your loan application, you have registered via SOLE and started your course, the university should automatically confirm your registration and attendance to Student finance within 48 hours. Student Finance will pick this up the following day and process within 24 hours. Following this, your maintenance money should be in your account in 3 to 5 working days.

If you are experiencing a delay with the confirmation of registration, or your online account is stating ‘awaiting confirmation from your University’ our Data Management Unit can help you.

Please email them at using your university email account and provide your name, University student ID number, Student finance Customer Reference Number and a brief overview of the issue.

NHS bursary payments
For those students who commence their courses in September, the census date for NHS bursaries is 1st November. NHS Bursaries open the system on this date for attendance to be confirmed by the University. Payment is normally released in late November.  

For more information about start dates and payment dates please visit the NHS Learning Support Fund