Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check

If you are taking a module which requires you to have a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check or need a replacement certificate for a course required DBS check, firstpoint can advise you on the application process. 

Before you make an application for a DBS, we recommend that you check with your course team to ensure you need one, before incurring any costs. You only need a DBS if you are taking a module which involves regulated activities with children or vulnerable adults. 

If one or more of your modules require a DBS check, e-mail firstpoint@worc.ac.uk and we will send you further guidance on the application process.

When your check has been completed, you will receive a paper DBS certificate in the post. You are required to bring your DBS certificate to firstpoint St. John’s Campus, so that the details can be added to your student record. 

We never keep your DBS certificate, we only record the details onto your SOLE page. The certificate itself remains your property and your responsibility to keep safe. You may be required to show it again, either by your placement or the University.

If you lose your DBS certificate, you will need to apply for a replacement, even if we have the details recorded on your SOLE page.

If you already have a DBS certificate which meets the requirement of your module and is registered with the update service, you may be able to use it for your placement. You will still need to bring the original certificate to firstpoint so that we can record the details.

Once your DBS certificate has been recorded on SOLE by firstpoint, you can access an official letter from the University, confirming the details, from your SOLE page within the "Course Information" section.