Opening a Student Bank Account

Most students are eligible to open a student bank account, which will have some features that ordinary accounts do not.

Most student accounts offer interest-free overdraft facilities for full-time students opting to have their student finance paid into them.

Shop around when choosing your bank, find out how soon you will be expected to clear your overdraft when you graduate and how much interest will be charged if you exceed your agreed overdraft limit. Take care not to go over your agreed overdraft limit otherwise you will incur expensive bank charges.

Check out the student banking survey results on the Save the Student webpage or the Money Saving Expert's student bank accounts webpage.

The University provides a letter that you will need to present to the bank you choose which is accessible from the bank status letter page.

  • Please note that international students will not be able to open a "student account" with most UK banks, but will be able to open a current account. For more guidance, please speak with the International Student Advisers.