Students as Academic Partners (SAPs) Scheme

The Students as Academic Partners (SAPs) Scheme offers students the opportunity to work with staff on enhancing learning and teaching on their course. Students are paid for their time and get experience in managing a project, writing a project report and presenting at the Learning and Teaching conference. Since 2011, the Scheme has supported over 100 projects to produce and evaluate innovative learning resources and inform teaching best practice. The vision of the Scheme is for students and staff to work together in an equal partnership to achieve unique insights through co-construction.

We aim to fund 10-12 projects across the University, with a budget of approximately £1000 per project (equating to approximately 100 student hours). Reflections on SAPs can be found on the Realising Teaching Excellence blog, including Developing the Students as Academic Partners Scheme and Research Inspired Teaching, and outputs from previous projects are also available (please note that access to outputs requires UW credentials).

For projects needing ethical approval, guidance is available on Blackboard and can be accessed via the Research School page.  

2023/24 SAPs Scheme

We are pleased to confirm that applications for student academic partners are now open through Friday 29 December 2023. Applications involve a two-stage process: 

  • First stage: The first stage, which is straightforward, enables students to join the pool of applicants who are eligible to apply to specific projects. It is essential that students join the pool in a timely manner before going onto the second stage. 
  • Second stage: Once students have successfully completed the first stage, they will proceed to the second stage by submitting a 250-word expression of interest outlining their experience and reasons for joining specific projects. Further information on how to apply to specific projects will be provided in due course on this webpage. Please note that acceptance on a project is not guaranteed but will be determined by the project lead(s) evaluating the expressions of interest. Project leads will be in touch with students directly regarding the stage-two outcomes/decisions. 

To begin stage one, please review further details and compete the application via this webpage

The list of funded projects is available via this link

Save the date: An information event will be held on Tuesday 28 November 2023, 13:15-14:15 in EGA G010 (the new Medical School building). Staff whose projects are successfully funded, and students who are interested in applying to participate, should plan to attend. 


What happens if….?

…the student(s) drop out?

You can still proceed as long as there is time recruit a replacement to carry out a meaningful amount of work.

…new students join the project at a later date?

No problem – just keep us informed!!

The project does not ‘get off the ground’?

Please let us know ASAP, we have committed a significant amount of money to these projects and so ‘non-starters’ allow us to redirect money to other priority areas

…the project stalls/ hits a brick wall?

It sometimes happens, just let us know and the reasons why….we may be able to help.

…the project fails to meet all its predicted outcomes?

This also sometimes happens, explain why in the report and the student(s) could still receive payment.

I have a question not answered here?

Please contact Dr Karen Blackmore or Josh Simpson for further information.