Help With reading

Click on the sections below to learn more about assistive technology that helps with reading.

The ATbar extension for Chrome

For use with any webpage opened using Chrome, the ATbar lets you change multiple aspects of a website, such as background colour, text size and font, zoom in and zoom out, and a basic text to speech function. 

The ATbar is ideal if you need to change multiple aspects of a webpage to make it more accessible for you to use. 

To install the ATbar, open Chrome and Google ‘ATbar Chrome Extension’ or try this link.. When in the Chrome Web Store, click on the blue ‘Add to Chrome’ button and ATbar will install itself. 

For more information, click here

Microsoft Word can read any Word document to you. This is a function of Microsoft 365, which you can install for free as a student at the University, click here for more information.

Immersive Reader Layout  

To access Immersive Reader, click on the ‘view’ tab on the ribbon, then on the ‘Immersive Reader’ tab towards the left-hand side. 

You will now have a range of options that can help you read the document, including having it read to you by the ‘Read Aloud’ function 

Immersive Reader commands tab

Microsoft is constantly improving this feature, so what you see on your computer may be slightly different to the images we have used here. There is also some visual difference between the Word app and web-based Word, but the features are the same. 

This video may help you to use Immersive Reader: 

 Tips and tricks for using Immersive Reader in Word | Microsoft