Campus Services

What We Do 

Within campus services we cover a wide range of tasks on a daily basis, these include;

  •          Room layout changes
  •          Office moves
  •          Receiving and distributing post and parcels for staff and students
  •          Set up and take down of events
  •          Transportation hire/services
  •          Exam period set ups
  •          Waste management


Meet The Team 

Campus Services Manager
Mark White

Campus Service Supervisors
Kevin Wilkins
Phil Mole
Rich Harris

Post & Parcels


  • It is strictly prohibited to send or receive personal post and parcels via the University of Worcester Post Room. 
  • Work-related deliveries need to be correctly addressed, with a full name and department or office number. If is not clearly addressed, we do have the right to refuse the delivery. 
  • Our team does a post run every day. This is to a department drop-off/admin office.
Available for both Staff and Students. Just select the appropriate locker when completing the delivery options for your order. 
This allows you to pick up your delivery at a time that is convenient to you, outside of the student 12:30-16:30pm time slot. 
The Gauguin Locker is located on the ground floor of the Hines Building, St Johns Campus. 

  • We only accept post and parcels for students living in University Halls of Residence. For students that have departed from our accommodation, we will return the delivery to where it came from. 
  • The parcel must be correctly addressed as below.
  • Collection times are Monday - Friday between 12:30-16:30 and you must have your Student ID with you.
  • If you would like someone to collect your parcel on your behalf, email with their name and student number, otherwise they won't be able to collect it.
  • Non tracked items and letters will be processed and held in the post room.
  • It is the student's responsibility to collect their mail - No mail is delivered to University Halls of Residence
  • We will hold your package or letter for 14 days only. Any items not collected in this time will be returned to sender. 
Full Name
Flat + Room Number
University of Worcester
Henwick Grove


Room Layouts

If you have a teaching space that needs a layout change, All you need to do is log a request on the Facilities Helpdesk by selecting 'Campus Services' and 'Room Set Up'. 

Make sure you include all of the relevant information and include as much detail as possible i.e. datestimeslocations etc. You can also attach a document once you have finished writing in the description box and are ready to submit the request. 

Please be aware that non default room set ups will need to be sent to Campus Services at least 10 working days before the required date.

Default Room Layouts


All requests for vehicles and drivers should be made by using the form below (click on link or scan QR code).. 


If you require assistance with an office move, log a job on the Facilities Helpdesk under 'Campus Services' and then 'Room Set Up' with your requirements and we will be able to advise if we can complete the move on the day you require. 

If you have any doubts as the whether or not furniture will fit or will be too heavy, include this in your email and we will be able to assess it beforehand. 

Let us know if you require any boxes for packing and we will deliver some to your office. 

We require at least 7 days notice for an office move to allow for us to organise packing crates and agree a date for the move.