Here to help with any queries and point you in the right direction.


Our Reception Team covers four different locations, these being:

  • St Johns Campus - Edward Elgar Building (24/7)
  • City Campus - Charles Hastings Building (Monday - Friday 08:30-21:00 & Saturday/Sunday 08:00-18:00)
  • Jenny Lind (Monday - Friday 08:00-18:30)
  • University Arena (08:00-22:00)

Meet the Team

We have a large Reception Team that also includes Facilities apprentices and student staff, who are able to gain many valuable skills that they can then take with them in their future careers. 

Contact Us

If you would like to email all of our receptions you can do so by contacting . Alternatively, if your email or phone call is specific to a particular reception, you can use the following addresses and numbers.

Events, Interviews & Visitors

If you have any interviews taking place, please send us the schedule to the relevant email address above and if appropriate include a contact number.
We also find it useful to be informed of any events that you have taking place at the University, so that if any guests arrive at Reception, we can direct them accordingly. 
If you have a visitor planned to meet you, please let us know and we will add this to our diary and can call you when they arrive. 

Booking Reception Space

Within our reception area we have space available to be booked out. We have 2 spaces available at St Johns and Charles Hastings and 1 space at Jenny Lind. 
If you would like to book this space, you can email with all the relevant information (date, time etc.) and our team will be able to confirm if their is availability for your request. 
Unfortunately, we do not book out the reception space for bake sales, but we recommend that you request this at the Student Union Welcome Desk. 

Displaying Posters

We have four glass noticeboards to display posters, their locations are stated below. To be able to display your poster on these, please email us a copy of it to . You will then receive confirmation that it has been approved and you will be asked to get it date stamped at the appropriate reception. 
  • 1 x noticeboard at St Johns Campus - next to EEG 162
  • 1 x noticeboard at St Johns Campus - opposite EEG 169
  • 1 x noticeboard at City Campus - next to Charles Hastings Reception Desk 
  • 1 x noticeboard at Jenny Lind - next to door leading to JLG 008
We kindly ask that you do not place posters onto bare walls and only on noticeboards once approved.

Bike Loans

As a part of contributing to making the University of Worcester an even more sustainable environment, our Sustainability Team offer to both staff and students the opportunity to rent out bikes. 
You can book out or renew your bike loan at St Johns and Charles Hastings Reception as long as you have Signed Up .
Please note, if you have any outstanding fines on your account you will not be able to renew your bike loan and we will have to take back the keys until you have done so. 


We have TV screens next to or near to our St Johns, City and Jenny Lind Receptions that display the timetabling information. It is useful to have your module code with you to make finding your room easier. 

We can provide you with local taxi numbers and we also have a telephone available for you to use.  

We have paper copies of campus maps available at our receptions. Just ask one of our receptionists and we will be able to provide you with the relevant map. You can also use the online versions below. 

St Johns Campus