Car Parking

Contact - - 01905 54 2106
Car Parking Supervisor - Will Jacobs

Our Car Parking team work across every University of Worcester campus to maintain control of all vehicles entering the grounds. Our main aim is to ensure that all vehicles are adhering to the Vehicle Parking Regulations and making sure that emergency services are able to gain access to all buildings with ease.

We strongly recommend that you read through the Vehicle Parking Regulations to understand what is expected of anyone parking on a University of Worcester site. 

If you are not adhering to these regulations, you will receive a parking ticket that may contain a fine. 

To park on any of our University of Worcester campuses you will either require a parking permit or a pay & display ticket. Please see below for further information on this. 

Parking Permits 

Parking permits are available to staff and students. To apply for one you can complete an online application via your staff/student portal. 

If you are a Blue Badge holder you are permitted to park free of charge, but you will still need to register and display a University of Worcester parking permit. 

Short Stay - Car Park A 
75p - first 30 mins
£1.50 - per hour
£5.00 - for 4 hrs
£7.00 - for 6 hrs
£10.00 - up to 24 hrs

Standard - Riverside & all St John's car parks except Short Stay & Car Park G
50p - first 30 mins
£1.00 - per hour
£3.00 - for 4 hrs
£4.00 - for 8 hrs (All day)
£5.00 - up to 24 hrs (Riverside 06:00 - 23:59)
£1.00 - evenings 1800-2300

Weekend & Conference Rate
£2.00 - weekend rate St John's 
£4.00 - weekend rate Riverside 
£7.00 - conference rate (per 24hrs)

£4.00 - event parking - Severn Campus 

Pay & Display machines that accept card payments are located in Car Park A, M (including overflow car park), R and Riverside. 

Staff Collection Points - Facilities Reception (Hines Building), Monday - Friday, between 1pm-3pm. Charles Hastings Reception & Jenny Lind Reception, Monday - Friday, between 3pm-5pm. 

Student Collection Point - firstpoint

Apply for your student permit HERE

Amending your Registration 

If you change you vehicle, you will need to register your new number plate. You can do this in the same place you applied for your for permit by changing the registration number and clicking "Update Car Registration".

Cancelling your Permit

If you would like to cancel your permit, you can do this in the same place you applied, just click "Cancel your permit" in the right hand corned. Once cancelled, you will not be able to reapply until the following August. 

Please note, salary deductions will not stop until the Car Parking team have received your cancelled parking permit. 

Should you be on a period of maternity/adoption or shared parental leave, any monthly parking payments will continue to be deducted from your salary. 

Replacement Permit

If you lose your permit you will need to pay a £10 replacement fee. Staff members can do this through Finance, who will be able to give you a receipt as proof to the Car Parking team. Students will need to go to firstpoint. 

Car Park Locations  


We also have the Riverside and Arena overflow car park. During the busy periods, the car parks on St Johns Campus can become full and when this happens cars are advised to park on The Arena overflow car park.