firstpoint is dedicated to helping students access information and support during their studies.

We are based in the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre on St John’s Campus.

Advisers are available Monday to Friday.  For opening times please visit our homepage.

Telephone: 01905 542551

Confirmation of Student Status

Student Status Letter

The University has prepared a letter that will confirm your status as a student.  It will include your name, address, your course and the dates of your study. 

Before you print your letter, please make sure that your address is up-to-date; you can do this from your SOLE page, under the ‘Personal Details’ tab. 

Your student status letter can be downloaded from your SOLE page, under the ‘Living’ tab.    

Bank Letter

The University has prepared a letter that will support you in opening a bank account.  

The Bank Letter can be accessed from the same menu as your Student Status Letter on your SOLE page, under the ‘Living’ tab, but has an additional option that will allow you to select a bank of your choice by using the drop down list to autofill the name and address of the bank. 

It is advisable to remove the header and footer before you print this document. 

These letters do not need to be stamped by the University of Worcester.  If their content needs to be verified by a third-party, they should email Student Records or phone 01905 855333, quoting the reference given at the bottom of the printed page. 
Confirmation of student status on forms and other documents
If you need to confirm your student status on a form, please email firstpoint so that we can advise you on the process.  If there are additional checks that need to be made, we will consult with Student Records and the Finance Office.  
If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact firstpoint.