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Student Services: Enabling students to fulfil their potential  

Student Services at the University of Worcester supports all of our students, enabling them to fulfil their potential and succeed both during their time at university and after graduation. The department provides a confidential, impartial and non-judgmental service and includes a number of specialist teams, each one made up of qualified and experienced staff.

The Student Services teams are:

Location and contact details

The easiest way to contact these services or get information and advice about any aspect of being a student at Worcester is through firstpoint in the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre, St. Johns campus; telephone 01905 542551 or email firstpoint@worc.ac.uk                   

Students studying at Partner Institutions

Student Services is available for use by all University of Worcester students wherever they are studying, whether on the Worcester campus or at one of our partner institutions. Our services complement the support available at partner institutions and our students can use those services which are most convenient and practicable.

Disability and Dyslexia Support

Disabled University of Worcester students studying at partner institutions will usually obtain support through that partner institution. However, it may be more convenient for the student to access some aspects of their support at the University, in which case appropriate arrangements will be made. Contact your local disability co-ordinator or the University's Disability and Dyslexia Service  (DDS).

Money Advice

University of Worcester students studying Higher National, foundation degree or first degree programmes at partner institutions are eligible for University of Worcester bursaries and can apply to the Access to Learning Fund on the same basis as students studying at the University of Worcester itself. They may also contact the University's Money Advisers for advice, and receive welfare and financial advice and support.

Rest Room

BB180 Bredon Building

This facility is provided by Student Services for use by staff, students and visitors to the University for the following:

  • For mothers to breastfeed in private if they wish (please note that there are no restrictions on breastfeeding in any part of the university campus should a mother wish to do so).
  • For parents or carers to bottle or solid feed small babies or children for whom the refectory might not be suitable (High chairs are available in the refectory and in the Students' Union)
  • For mothers to express and store breast milk.
  • For changing and disposing of soiled nappies (please note that potties are not provided.)
  • For anyone who needs to rest for up to one hour, for example between lectures, because of a disability or medical condition.
  • For anyone who needs to self-medicate or carry out a medical procedure in private.
  • For anyone who needs to perform limited physical exercises in private e.g. while recovering from an injury.

This room is open Monday to Friday 7am to 10pm and is equipped with:

  • a bed
  • a reclining chair and footstool
  • a baby's high chair
  • low chairs and a low table for feeding small children
  • adult sized chairs
  • nappy changing facilities

This room is not provided for study, taking refreshments, or as a social or meeting space. For periods of quiet reflection, a prayer room and quiet room are provided in the adjacent Multi-Faith Chaplaincy.

What our students say of us 

 "Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I needed help with a nursery place and my finances. Everything happened very quickly and I got more than I expected” (1st year student).

“I have had a number of setbacks with health problems and they have really supported me well” (2nd year student).

“The support for my dyslexia is fantastic and having used the counselling service; I have been able to adopt better coping strategies” (2nd year student).