Academic Appeals

We understand that sometimes things do go wrong. The University would like the opportunity to help to put it right.

An appeal is a request from a student to review a decision of a Board of Examiners because it is believed that an injustice has occurred.  

It is different to a complaint which will deal with your experience as a student such as issues in accommodation or teaching provision and facilities.  

Your marks are agreed by a Board of Examiners and your results go from 'provisional' to 'confirmed' on your SOLE page on the day the Board of Examiners meet. 

You need to wait for the Board of Examiners to confirm your grades before submitting an appeal as you cannot appeal a provisional grade.

If you are not sure when the relevant Board of Examiners meet, please contact Student Records on 01905 855333.  

You must make your appeal within 10 working days of the confirmed results being published. 

If you want to appeal an academic decision, firstpoint can help you to understand the process. We are happy to discuss how to make an appeal and provide guidance on eligibility and on what grounds you may apply. However, we are unable to help you write your personal statement or give an opinion on the strength of your appeal.