We understand that sometimes things do go wrong. The University would like the opportunity to help to put it right.

A complaint can be made in relation to your experience as a student such as issues with accommodation, teaching provision or facilities. It is different to an appeal which concerns the review of a decision of Academic Board.

We appreciate that making a complaint may seem difficult and so firstpoint is here to help you to understand the process.  

We are happy to discuss how to make a complaint and provide guidance on the grounds on which a complaint can be considered. However, we are unable to help you write your personal statement or give an opinion on the strength of your complaint. 

Please note that you must submit a complaint within three months of the incident, event or matters over which a complaint is being raised. The University will not consider complaints made outside of the three months period.

Making a complaint about another student

Students at the University of Worcester all agree to abide by the terms of the Student Charter, which set out some overarching expectations of behaviour. 

If you want to make an allegation of misconduct against another student, and would like support and guidance regarding the process, contact the Student Support and Wellbeing team by emailing or by booking an appointment through firstpoint.