Ask for Angela Campaign

Student Services are working in collaboration with Worcester BID to roll this out to venues throughout Worcester City Centre. The Street Pastors are also participating in the campaign.

The campaign, which was developed by Hayley Childs on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council, allows people to ask venue staff for assistance discreetly with minimum fuss.

Venues that are participating will have posters up in toilets and other areas to demonstrate that they are taking part.

Staying Safe
Worcester is a very safe city with low crime levels compared to other cities.  However, it is always sensible to be cautious and to take extra measures to reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of a crime.

You may be meeting someone for the first time or want to take extra precautions when you're out in the city centre.  Venues that are involved in the Ask for Angela campaign will be able to assist you should you find yourself in an uncomfortable situtaion.  Whether it is an innappropriate comment, unwanted attention or something just doesn't feel right, you can approach a member of staff and "Ask for Angela".  The member of staff will know that you are requesting help an will assist you in removing yourself from the situation, discreetly and without too much fuss.

Thanks go to...
Special thanks go to Hayley Childs, Substance Misuse and Sexual Violence & Abuse Strategy Coordinator at Lincolnshire County Council who developed the campaign. 

More information
If you would like further details about the scheme, please visit