Students who are estranged or have care experience

Students who are estranged from their families

It can be a daunting time coming to University without having the support of a family network.  If you are an estranged student who no longer has any contact with your parents or guardians and are considering coming to the University of Worcester, or you're already a student here, we can provide you with support.

Being independent of your family may mean that you will have additional considerations during your study, and although this may be the case, these should not be seen as a barrier to entering or progressing during your time at University.

StandAlone is a charity set up to support people who are estranged from their family or children.  They have produced a student guide to applying for independent status from Student Finance England and Wales.  More information is available on the StandAlone website.

Stand Alone Pledge

Care Leavers

The University of Worcester prides itself on being an inclusive University.  You may notice that the UCAS application asks if you have ever been in care and for how long - this is simply because it is recognized that some care leavers may face different and/or multiple barriers in coming to University and succeeding to the best of their ability.  If we are aware that you have experience of being in care, this enables us to provide you with specific support, if you feel you need it.

Support for Students
Student Support All students at the University of Worcester are able to access a range of support services where needed.  In the Student Support and Wellbeing Team, we assist students with any welfare issues that may be affecting their time at Worcester, and we are also able to signpost students to specialist services both within and outside the University if appropriate.
As a care leaver or an estranged student, did you know that priority will be given to you for appointments with the Counselling and Mental Health Team and the Money Advice Team, and that the University of Worcester is able to offer accommodation to you for a full 52 week period if required?  You are also amongst the 'priority groups' for the Access To Learning Fund (Hardship Fund). Student Support

Conversation If you are a student estranged from your family, or if you are a care leaver, we would encourage you to contact us so that we can meet up and have a chat about how we can help you to have the best experience possible whilst studying with us.  Whether you want help to access relevant services, or you want to check in with us regularly to let us know how you are getting on, or you just want to know that we are here in times of crisis, we look forward to seeing you.  

To arrange an appointment, you can contact firstpoint or alternatively email us directly at

Useful Links

  • Standalone - supporting estranged adults in everyday life.
  • Become - a charity for young care leavers.
  • Listening Works - a national out of hours phone, web and text support service for care experienced young adults aged 18-27. 

  • Children's Commissioner - Care leavers guide to starting University.

Contact us

To book an appointment, please contact firstpoint.  Alternatively, you can contact a member of the Student Support and Wellbeing Team directly via email on