Concerns About Others

If you are concerned about your friend, flatmate or someone on your course, then discuss your concerns with them and identify a way in which you are happy to support them.  Most importantly, encourage them to access support via firstpoint.
If you are happy to do so, you could suggest you will accompany them to firstpoint to seek support or offer to meet them afterwards.  It is perfectly acceptable to be clear about your own personal boundaries whilst encouraging them to access the professional support that is available here at the University.
You may wish to speak to the Student Support Advisers to receive support yourself.  We will not discuss your concerns with the individual(s) directly, unless there is a perceived risk to themselves or others.  Just be aware though that if you would like us to approach the individual, it is not always possible to protect your anonymity. 
Throughout the year, we run the Student Minds "Look After Your Mate" workshops, designed to empower students to support friends experiencing mental health difficulties, whilst looking after their own wellbeing.  More details will be made available at the beginning of the academic year, or email for details.