Welcome to the Academic Quality Unit

October 2021 update:  AQU staff are currently working from the office or from home for part of the week.  We will continue to respond to emails as soon as possible. 

We have set up a generic email address AcademicQualityTeam@worc.ac.uk which is monitored daily by members of the AQU team.  If you receive an out of office message and need an urgent reply, please forward your query to the above email address.  

AER templates for 2020/21 reports are now available. Further information and templates are available on the O drive, All Staff, AQU folder under Annual Evaluation.  Please contact AQU if you have problems accessing information.

Course and Module Leaders - if you are unsure where to find the templates or guidance you need, or require Word versions of programme specifications to update, please contact AQU for advice.

Please note, the term "Quality Assurance Handbook" referred to in some documents refers to the UW and AQU policies, procedures and guidance found on these webpages.

The role of the Academic Quality Unit is to develop and manage the quality assurance and enhancement mechanisms of the University, including course planning and approval, periodic review and annual evaluation processes, the approval and review of partnership organisations, the appointment of and provision of information for external examiners and the servicing of Academic Board subcommittees related to quality and collaborative programmes. The Unit also aims to promote staff understanding of associated ideology, procedures, processes and systems, including providing support and guidance related to collaborative provision and information and training related to quality assurance and enhancement activities.

The Academic Quality Unit are:

Post vacant - Head of Academic Quality
Management of reviews and approvals, ASQEC Secretary, CAPSC representative

Post vacant - Deputy Head of Academic Quality (Collaborative)
Partnership approvals and reviews, international partnerships, supporting partners, CAPSC Secretary

Nicola Rawlings - Senior Quality Officer (Apprenticeships)
Apprenticeship approvals and reviews, Apprenticeship Programmes Sub-committee Secretary

Teresa Nahajski - Senior Quality Officer
Approvals/re-approvals and Periodic Review schedule, Course database, uploading of Programme Specifications, AQU webpages, ASQEC minutes

Jenny Marsh - Quality Officer
Approvals and reviews, AQU Officer for College of Business, Psychology and Sport LTQE, CAPSC minutes, Strategic Planning & Quality Reviews

Sarah Potter - Quality Officer
Approvals and reviews, AQU Officer for College of Arts, Humanities and Education LTQE, TLI JMB

Sara Gibbon - Quality Officer
Approvals and reviews, AQU Officer for College of Health, Life and Environmental Sciences, Academic Planning and Portfolio Group Secretary

Margaret Chaffey - Quality Officer (External Examiners)
External Examiner Liaison, hotel booking for external examiners' visits, staff development admin

Post vacant - Quality Administrator (AQU and DQED)
Joint honours database, Registered Lecturers' database, PSRB register, hotel booking for external panel members, staff development admin

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Latest updates:

Course handbook guidance 2022/23 - updated November 2021 with new academic year dates

APPG templates -  please contact Sara Gibbon in AQU for the latest dates.

Programme specification templates - please contact your Quality Administrator for information on how to update programme specifications 


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