Welcome to the Academic Quality Unit


Welcome to the Academic Quality Unit

If you are unsure where to find the templates or guidance you need, or require Word versions of programme specifications to update, please contact AQU for advice.

The Academic Quality Unit are:

Dr Sam King - Head of Academic Quality
ASQEC Secretary

Nicola Rawlings - Deputy Head of Academic Quality 
Apprenticeships, APSC Secretary

Post vacant - Senior Quality Officer 
Partnerships, supporting partners, CAPSC Minuting Secretary

Claire Hampton - Senior Quality Officer
Course approvals and reviews, contact for the Schools of Art and Humanities, Worcester Business School and the Institute of Education, ASQEC Minuting Secretary

Teresa Nahajski - Senior Quality Officer (part time)
Course approvals and reviews, approvals/reviews schedule, course database, programme specifications and AQU webpages (Red Dot changes), PSRBs

Rita Peach - Quality Officer
Course approvals and reviews, contact for Schools of Sport and Exercise Science, Science and the Environment, and Psychology, Academic Planning and Portfolio Group Secretary

Briony Wheeler - Quality Officer (External Examiners) 
External Examiner Liaison, course approvals and reviews

Philip Wright - Quality Officer
Course approvals and reviews, contact for the School of Allied Health and Community, Three Counties Medical School and Three Counties School of Nursing & Midwifery, APSC Minuting Secretary

Eleanor Sinclair - Departmental Administrator (QED)
Registered lecturers and registered administrators, panel member payments, committee admin

The role of the Academic Quality Unit is to develop and manage the quality assurance and enhancement mechanisms of the University, including course planning and approval, periodic review and annual evaluation processes, the approval and review of partnership organisations, the appointment of and provision of information for external examiners and the servicing of Academic Board subcommittees related to quality and collaborative programmes.