Academic Planning and Portfolio Group (APPG)

Academic Planning and Portfolio Group (APPG)

The Academic Planning and Portfolio Group (APPG) is responsible for academic portfolio planning and development, and for approving on behalf of University Executive Board (UEB) the proposed development of new courses and new partners, the suspension of recruitment to or closure of existing courses and partners.

Initial approval for all new course proposals, significant changes, including changes to course or award title(s), course re-approval, course closures and course suspensions has to be provided by Academic Planning and Portfolio Group (APPG) APPG Process Flow Diagram

If you are planning to develop a new course, please contact your College Director and Head of School/School Quality Co-ordinator to discuss the process.

APPG Form 1:           New Course Proposal
APPG Form 2:           Course Closure and Suspension
APPG Form 3:           Request for Significant Change
APPG Form 4:           Provision of Information for Prospective Students
APPG Form 5:           New Contracts Related to Academic Programmes: Intent to Proceed

APPG Guidance 1:    Relationship between Course Change, Course Re-Approval and APPG

Associated Policy and Procedures: